'Recent visits to the Foundry!!'

I am shocked to discover that I am completely behind in bringing this web site up to date.
So...with that in mind....The 'Gallery' page has now been refreshed. New works & inevitably new prices. The price of Bronze & all consumables continues to rise as does 'Artisan' labour costs.
However, I am in some ways fortunate that at present I do not have an agent to represent me, so the final price of my work does not have to have that factored in.
The foundry is in the process of making new waxes for me to work on for new clients...Another 'Two's Company,' together with another 'Camel & Tuareg'...That will be number 3 of 5. So in the not so distant future I will have to start thinking of a Camel replacement...but with some 'human' involvement. It seems from my recent exhibition, the work with a little humanity involved is becoming more popular.
Current work being developed is the 'Bird Dancer' series. Photos of which I shall post shortly on the 'Works in Progress' section.
I hope you like the new works posted in the Gallery.