'The Art of Safari.'

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African Sunset over the Victoria Nile, Uganda.
Very soon I shall be adding a link to a small Art Safari company I am starting.
In the spirit of the centuries old 'Dragoman' guides, I am offering an exciting alternative to the package tour or indeed the independant journey; taking the heartache out of both. Leading you to places that I am passionate about.
I regularly travel to Kenya to work on my own sketches & sculpture. Come with me & let me show you the parts of Kenya that most excite me.
The 'bush' & the Swahili coast....animals & humanity aplenty.
Join me as another artist, photographer or just honest traveller.
This is not for the tourist who demands crisp linen on their bed every night, with hot & cold running 'hand servants!' But there will be plenty of lively travel, 'sundowners,' carefree laughter & meeting the smiling, friendly faces of East Africa.
Sketch, paint & 'snap,' or just gaze into the distance until ones heart is content.
Family groups or a group of artist friends. (6,8, or 10 is ideal)
Until 'The Art of Safari' website is active & listed on the 'Links' page, just contact me for travel details & likely costs.